Lincoln, Massachusetts has a great deal of protected land.  Lincoln's open spaces -- woodlands, fields and water
-- are at the very heart of the community.  They provide uplifting vistas, contemplative moments, recreational
opportunities, natural habitats and an important reminder of our agricultural heritage.
L I N C O L N   L A N D  C O N S E R V A T I O N
A partnership of the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust (LLCT)
and the Rural Land Foundation of Lincoln (RLF) to
protect the rural character of Lincoln, Massachusetts through
land conservation, stewardship and education.
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Sunday, May 31st and June 7th    3-5 PM   Wildlife Photography
for Kids! with Eric Smith
    Meet at the LLCT offices.   Per-registration
required  HERE.
Sun., June 14th  3  PM       Caterpillars
LIVE!      Pod A:  Hartwell at Lincoln Public
 Sam Jaffe with his caterpillar
project will bring live specimens and lead a
caterpillar walk. $5/person (or $15 for families
of 3 or more) donation requested.

now available
In the LLCT-RLF offices

Also available at these fine retail locations:
Conservation Department Offices (Town Hall)
• Old Town Hall Exchange
• Something Special
• Lincoln Public Library
• Drumlin Farm Mass Audubon Shop
• Shop at Walden Pond

Click here for PDF versions of our
2013 trail map
Where to find us:
Lincoln Station, above the Post Office. (145 Lincoln Rd, Suite 102A)  

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Lincoln's Wildlife

LLCT members and friends share
their amazing photos and videos
of wildlife in Lincoln.  Take a look!
This Blog features beautiful photos
and natural history notes about the
happenings (natural and other)
happening on Farrar Pond.
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