Acquisition Campaigns


Current Campaigns

Every dollar contributed toward an acquisition helps ensure a legacy that is priceless. Since the first piece of conservation land acquired in 1957, nearly 40 percent of Lincoln’s land has been conserved. The 2017 “Open Space and Recreation Plan” for the Town of Lincoln identifies nearly 25 percent more land that remains of open space and recreation interest.

RLF’s day-to-day operating expenses are supported by revenue from the Lincoln Station mall, but our acquisition projects would not be possible without the support of our trustees, community partners and especially donors like you. All who generously support RLF through financial contributions for an acquisition project are essential to a campaign’s success.

Thank you for generously giving your financial support to preserve and protect the rural character of Lincoln.

If you are considering putting land into conservation or want to get more information about how to apply a conservation restriction to your property, contact Geoff McGean and he can further discuss land conservation options with you.

Conservation Stories

Conservation is a collaborative effort. When land is conserved in any capacity (deeded, restricted, or other), RLF typically works with any combination of stakeholders – landowners, Lincoln’s Conservation Commission, local land trusts, other towns, and state and federal agencies. Together, we preserve and protect Lincoln’s rural character for the benefit of all. There are many wonderful stories and each property is special. Read more