Mission and Activities

The Lincoln Land Conservation Trust (LLCT) and Rural Land Foundation (RLF) are Lincoln’s 501(c)(3) non-profit conservation organizations, which work together to acquire and protect land of conservation value in Lincoln, MA. They are sister organizations with separate financial statements and reporting, but they share a board of trustees, office staff, and office space.

Lincoln Land Conservation Trust

Mission: To protect the rural character of Lincoln, Massachusetts by holding conservation land in trust for the benefit of the residents of Lincoln and the general public, and to encourage preservation, enjoyment, education, and scientific study of Lincoln’s natural areas.


  • Owns and stewards more than 75 parcels on 500-plus acres.
  • Monitors conservation restrictions (CRs) on more than 120 parcels on 560-plus acres.
  • Helps maintain more than 80 miles of public trails, mainly through trail easements, in cooperation with Lincoln’s Conservation Commission and with permission from landowners.
  • Attracts annually more than 300 members.
  • Draws more than 500 participants and 80-plus sponsors at the Scarecrow Classic 5k.
  • Engages annually more than 500 participants in educational programming and events.

The LLCT protects and stewards deeded conservation land, conservation restrictions, and trail easements on public and private land. The organization seeks to connect the community to the land through membership, volunteer opportunities, and events. The organization’s activities are funded primarily from membership and private donations.

Rural Land Foundation

Mission: To help protect the rural character of Lincoln, Massachusetts.


  • Applies creative land planning solutions to acquire open space and preserve natural resources.
  • Operates Lincoln Station, the commercial center in Lincoln.
  • Supports initiatives that maintain Lincoln’s rural character.

The RLF conserves land through smart development and creative land planning. The RLF is one of the pioneers of the “limited development” concept in which land is strategically partitioned to meet development and conservation goals. The RLF donates land to LLCT to hold in trust or deeds land to public agencies such as the Town of Lincoln and the City of Cambridge for stewardship. The organization’s activities are funded by proceeds from Lincoln Station, and through private donations and foundations at the time of land acquisition.