October 2019 Wildlife Column: Fall Migrations

Written by Gwyn Loud for the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust. She welcomes your sightings and questions and pictures at 781-259-8690 or at gwynloud555 at gmail.com. The past month has seen great fluctuations in temperatures, with unusual heat (upper 80s) on the first day of fall, and patches of killing frost in low-lying areas on Oct. … Read more

Summer 2019 Stewardship Highlights

LLCT’s summer interns Andrew and Graham were busy as bees this summer, despite persistent rain in June and heat in July! Summer stewardship work is an important part of conservation, as LLCT advances land management goals, keeps invasive plants at bay, and makes sure that trails are in good condition. Some highlights include: Invasive Water … Read more

Meadow Minute

Check out the PFP Meadow in July 2019! A quick look around and we found many neat bumblebees, butterflies, dragonflies, and more!

Welcome 2019 Summer Interns

  A warm welcome to Andrew Fasciano and Graham Clarke, LLCT’s summer stewardship interns. Andrew and Graham are already hard at work pulling invasive plants like buckthorn, bittersweet, burning bush, and knotweed. They’ve also gotten out on the water to pull water chestnut out of Beaver Pond. At the People for Pollinators’ Meadow, they are … Read more

News from Lincoln Station

Twisted Tree A chance drop-in led to this great article in the Boston Globe. We’re loving Twisted Tree’s fresh sandwiches, innovative coffee and tea drinks, and summer smoothies -and the Globe loves it too! Check out the article here.    Real We snapped a quick photo of Drumlin Farm making a delivery to Real. We … Read more

National Pollinator Month-June 2019

June is National Pollinator Month. Pollinators sustain our ecosystems and help plants reproduce. Although small in size, they play a huge and important role! As we see biodiversity and abundance of native bees (and other pollinators) decreasing, what can we do to help? Stay tuned for upcoming events and opportunities at the People for Pollinators … Read more

June 2019 Wildlife Column

Written by Gwyn Loud for the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust. She welcomes your sightings, questions, and photos at 781-259-8690 or at gwynloud555@gmail.com. The weather has been erratic over the past month, with days rainy, sunny, hot, and cold. The week leading up to Memorial Day was gorgeous and perfect for planting gardens. But just when … Read more