Lincoln Station

The heart of any community is its town center, often described as the crossroads of shopping, transportation, and social gatherings – it is a destination, where a community comes together to meet as neighbors and friends.

Featuring a stop on the MBTA commuter rail, a café, restaurant, supermarket and several other retail operations and business offices, Lincoln Station is Lincoln’s town center.

Lincoln Station emerged out of a Rural Land Foundation vision to protect the small town-rural nature of Lincoln. In 1972, the RLF acquired more than 70 acres of the Codman estate:

  • placing 55 acres into conservation and recreation, and
  • developing 16 acres to help create low-to-moderate-income housing, retail space and business offices.

Locally owned, operated and invested

While Lincoln Station was initially operated by a private organization through a ground lease, the RLF decided that Lincoln would be better served to have the Town’s commercial center under local control and guidance, ensuring that its core retail services contribute to a vibrant town center, capable of meeting residents’ needs.

In 2009, together with input from Town leaders and residents, RLF undertook an $8 million renovation of the property. The project not only expanded and improved retail space for two anchor stores, Donelan’s Supermarket and the Post Office, but also increased the overall number of retail offerings, improved parking, and created more community spaces.

Today, with the assistance of property manager William Jackson Associates, Lincoln Station continues to operate for the benefit of the community with the net proceeds of the RLF’s commercial real estate efforts invested directly back into conservation.

Lincoln Station Retailers

The RLF is proud to have the following retail businesses as tenants:

If you are interested in leasing space at Lincoln Station, please contact William Jackson Associates at 978-369-7977.