In 2021, the LLCT began working with the startup OuterSpatial where we have published all our local trails in digital form. Now trail users can readily access this content through the OuterSpatial mobile app, free to download to Apple or Android mobile devices.
The digital trail map utilizes the phone’s location services so someone always knows where they are located in town and can easily orient themselves along the trails. This can be especially helpful for those who are new to exploring our trails. We hope this service encourages people to explore new places all around town with the assurance they won’t get lost!
The partnership with OuterSpatial also allows us to publish photos, history and other information about conservation areas (e.g. Beaver Pond, Wheeler Farm, Adams Woods, Flints Fields, etc). LLCT will also now be regularly publishing our events, articles and special outings like the Winter Animals Scavenger Hunt (active for Winter Carnival in February 2021).