Photo by Marcia Gnagey

Open Spaces Calendar

Appeal for Your Photos!

Submit your nature photos of Lincoln. Each year the LLCT/RLF produces the Open Spaces of Lincoln Calendar and Nature Note Cards, which are a stunning showcase of Lincoln’s rural landscapes, abundant wildlife, and recreational activities. All proceeds benefit the conservation, stewardship, and educational activities of the LLCT.

Submissions for the 2024 Calendar are accepted through August 13th, 2023.

We welcome photograph submissions year-round and photos submitted after the deadline for the 2024 calendar will be considered for the 2025 calendar. 

Email submissions to, or mail a flash drive to:
(Note: Submission will not be returned unless by special request.)

Lincoln Land Conservation Trust
ATTN: Calendar Photos
P.O. Box 10
Lincoln, MA 01773

Project Rules

There is no limit to the number of photos you can submit. Photographers of all ages and levels – novice to professional – are welcome to participate!


All photos:

  • Must be taken in Lincoln, MA.
  • Can be from any year and any season.
  • Should capture the rural and natural landscape, waterways, plants, or wildlife of Lincoln. While eligible, photographs that strongly feature man-made structures and buildings or domesticated animals may not be prioritized.
  • May be in color or black & white.
  • May not be altered or manipulated beyond minor touch ups such as removal of dust, cropping, minor adjustments to color and contrast, and so forth
  • Can be shot as landscape or portrait. Due to aspect-ratio requirements, landscape oriented photos are best suited to monthly pages. Landscape or portrait orientations work well for small photos


All photos:

  • Must be submitted as a JPEG or PNG.
  • Must have a minimum capture resolution of 3000×2000 pixels (6 megapixels). Please use the highest setting on your camera.
  • Must not exceed a file size of 15 MB.
  • Please remove any watermarks from photos. Photographers will be credited below each photo in the calendar.


Photo files must follow this naming convention:



This helps ensure that we attribute photographs correctly.



We recommend that photographers submit 5-10 photos. A set of photos with a wide range of seasons enables the editors to more easily match great photos with an appropriate month.


Usage Agreement

By submitting your photo to the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust and the Rural Land Foundation (LLCT and RLF), you hereby grant to the LLCT and RLF permission to use your photos in our Open Spaces of Lincoln Calendar and Nature Scenes Note Card series, as well as on our website, in our eNewsletter, on our Facebook page, in our Annual Report and for other print and electronic promotions. All photographs will be credited with the caption “Photo by Person’s Name”.

If you have any questions about the agreement or reservations about any of the conditions described above, please notify the LLCT and RLF at the time of submission. It is not our intent to abuse the privilege of having your photo in our care; rather, we have come to realize that the photos submitted are truly fabulous (and we can’t use them all because of limited space!) and we often wish to use them for purposes beyond the calendar and note card series. By including this new usage agreement, we are simply seeking to get full permissions ahead of time to be able to use your photo for other purposes of the LLCT and RLF. We do very much appreciate your artistry and generosity in sharing your photography with us.



If your photo is selected for the calendar or note cards, you will be notified using the contact information you provide to us in your email and you will receive a complimentary calendar or set of note cards.