Trail Guidelines

Welcome to Lincoln’s Trails!

Lincoln conservation land owned by LLCT or Lincoln’s Conservation Commission is open to the public for quiet recreation, from dawn to dusk and without charge. Many trails that connect to conservation areas are on private property, so please stay on trails (marked with red or yellow disks).

Please help us serve as good stewards of the land by following these guidelines:

  • Trails identified with colored disks are open to pedestrians, cross-country skiers, and horseback riders. Bicycle riding is only permitted where marked.
  • Bicycle and horseback riders are not permitted in sensitive areas (such as wetlands) when the impact may result in damage to the trails, conservation values, or public water supplies.
  • Pets must be controlled at all times. All dogs much be leashed when in fenced pastures, or when posted. Please pick up and properly dispose of your dog’s waste.
  • Cars must be parked in designated parking areas only.
  • Flint’s Pond is Lincoln’s main public water supply- avoid trespassing on the pond, on frozen ice, or on the shoreline adjacent to the pond.
  • Motorized vehicles, heavy machinery, or other equipment are not allowed on any trails.
  • Overnight camping is permitted only with prior written permission of the property owner.
  • Fire is a serious danger. Smoking and fires of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  • In addition, the following are strictly prohibited: littering, picking flowers, injuring vegetation, disrupting agricultural operations, and hunting in any form (including trapping or carrying firearms, even if unloaded).

Trails and conservation areas owned and managed by LLCT and the Town of Lincoln should be entered at your own risk. Neither the Town of Lincoln, LLCT, nor private landowners assume any liability for injuries to persons or damage to property while on Lincoln’s trails or conservation areas. Failure to comply with the above guidelines may constitute trespassing, result in fines, or the revocation by the owner of permission for public use.