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Orders are now closed for the 2021 Spring Plant Kits. Thank you to all who participated! Pick up for plants and rain barrels will be on May 22nd from 8-11 A.M. at the DPW Site (30 Lewis St, Lincoln, MA). Everyone who placed an order will receive more information via email in the weeks leading up to our pick up day. Please direct any questions to


LLCT is pleased to offer spring planting kits to our members! If you aren’t already an LLCT member, you can join now! These plants were chosen for their value to at-risk bumblebees and other pollinators. They offer important pollen and nectar resources throughout the growing season. All of these plant species will also be planted this spring and summer on Lincoln conservation land as part of the Pollinator Action Plan.

 These plants are offered at a great price as a benefit to our membership! All plants this spring are sourced through Bigelow’s Nursery and Bagley Pond Perennials. They are all native, straight species and are pesticide-free. A small fee has been added to the wholesale prices to help us defray delivery costs and to support plantings on conservation land. Click here for a description of plants that are being offered this spring and here for suggested planting kits based on soil conditions. Although the planting kits are just suggestions, we recommend ordering multiple plants of each species (3-5) to maximize pollination benefits AND to fill out a beautiful garden!

Due to high demand, we have had to close orders for rain barrels early. Diverters and River Stones are still available. Additionally, LLCT is teaming up with the Town Water Department/Water Commission and The Great American Rain Barrel Company (TGARBC) to offer wholesale rain barrels for purchase and pick up with your plant orders! These rain barrels are a great way to lower your water bill and keep your new plants hydrated. Click here for more information about the rain barrel program.

Ordering is open through April 30th at 5 P.M.

Pick up date for Plants AND Rain Barrels: Saturday May 22nd from 8-11 A.M. at the DPW site at 30 Lewis Street, Lincoln MA. More details provided closer to the date.

  1. Order from this shop page through April 30th (end of day), or while supplies last.
  2. All plants are offered “a la carte”.  When you order online, you will need to select each plant (and its quantity) separately to build your custom planting kit. Make sure to update your cart before navigating back to the shop to choose additional plants.
  3. Once you have added all the plants you’d like to your cart, you are ready to check out! Make sure to verify the species and quantities that you are ordering.  Unlike last year, you will need to pay to complete your order. You will receive a confirmation email, and we will then be in touch closer to the pickup date, May 22nd in Lincoln, MA. If there are any problems with sourcing a plant, we will offer a substitution or a refund. Otherwise, all sales are final.
  4. Please note that inventory is limited for some plants. Once a plant has sold out, it will no longer be available for purchase. We are working to source additional plants for an early fall sale, so stay tuned for updates from LLCT this summer.
  5. Please note that there are several rain barrel options available. The unpainted rain barrels are marked and may be scratched. If you have a color preference, please choose a painted rain barrel. We also recommend purchasing a diverter if you plan to connect the rain barrel to your downspout. Please read the rain barrel diverter description to choose a diverter size.

Plant Order Instructions (same as above content) (PDF)

Suggested Plant Kits and Plant Descriptions (PDF)

Rain Barrel Information and Product List (PDF)

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