2023 Summer Land Stewards

A warm thanks to Sasha Astrof and Matt Morris for their hard work this summer as land stewards.

LLCT and the Town of Lincoln Conservation Department jointly hired the two interns to work two days a week for each organization, a collaboration that has made it easier to offer full time internship opportunities and tackle larger land land stewardship projects for the past two summers.

Matt writes that he “learned a lot this summer about the importance of protecting and maintaining conservation land” and that his favorite project this summer was going out on the Sudbury River to pull invasive water chestnuts.

Sasha also enjoyed learning about Lincoln’s conservation land and her favorite project was creating site plans for two of LLCT’s pollinator gardens.

Both interns are still in college and will be back to school in a few short weeks, but we hope they will stay involved with land stewardship in the future.