Coyote, America’s Songdog

Coyote, America's Songdog


Thursday, May 9, 2024    
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Co-existing with Carnivores

Geri Vistein, a conservation biologist, will take us on a journey to discover Coyote, an important and resilient carnivore. Vistein will center on perceptions and relationships within a coyote family, and between coyotes and and people, other wildlife, and the wider ecosystem.

Lincoln Land Conservation Trust and Lincoln Conservation Department are pleased to bring this free zoom program to our community. After Geri’s 1hr presentation, there will be time for questions. Register here to receive the zoom link.

Geri Vistein is a Conservation Biologist whose focus is carnivores and their vital role in maintaining the biodiversity of our planet. She educates on carnivore ecology, complex cultures and history, and how humans can coexist with coyotes. Working mostly in Maine, Geri also focuses on outreach to farmers to improve relationships between coyotes and agricultural systems. Vistein is the Founder of Coyote Center for Carnivore Ecology and Coexistence.



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