New Garlic Mustard Pull Video Series: Watch Now!

This spring we are creating a series of videos on how to manage the invasive plant — garlic mustard, at each stage of its growth. In this first video we are seeing the plant, which is an annual, in its first stage of growth emerge and form a rosette of round, or heart-shaped leaves. Jane Layton shows us how to pull the plant, either by hand or using a weed wrench, and then how to dispose of it in this early stage.

The pulling of garlic mustard in Lincoln is an annual event coordinated by LLCT and the Conservation Commission to control the aggressive spread of this non-native, invasive plant that threatens Lincoln’s fields, woods, conservation land and neighborhoods. Further information about garlic mustard is posted on the Town Conservation Department’s website here.

Neighborhood pull season officially runs from April 25 through May 31, but if you see the plant sprouting now get ahead and follow the steps in this video! Free paper leaf bags will be distributed at the Transfer Station on Wed., April 25 and Sat., April 28 from 9 AM – 12 PM. After these dates bags will be available at the LLCT office and Conservation office at Town Hall. Bags are provided courtesy of the Lincoln Garden Club.

Check back for more information as the season of pulling garlic mustard gets underway. We hope this first video helps you to both identify and dispose of the plant as you see it emerging on your property.