Resources from January 26 Dr. Gegear Talk

Wow! We had an amazing turn out at the January 26th program at Bemis Hall. Dr. Gegear gave a great introduction to the importance of wild pollinators. We are so excited to be launching this project and to have the enthusiastic interest from our community and membership!

Below are some materials from Dr. Gegear’s presentation:

First, here is a working list of beneficial pollen and nectar plants that provide for pollinators from early spring through fall. All of these are great plants to put into your garden to help threatened bees! We will periodically update this list as Dr. Gegear’s research develops.

In the next few months, LLCT will be making a selection of these plants available for order as part of a “planting kit.” This kit will contain important spring blooming plants that are available at wholesale prices. These kits will be a great start for a developing pollinator space, and can be further developed as more of these beneficial plants can be sourced from local grower.

Secondly,┬áhere is a checklist of best practices for ensuring a functionally diverse habitat. This is adapted from Dr. Gegear’s presentation and is a great way to ensure that your pollinator space is providing the best possible habitat!

Lastly, we encourage everyone to check out the Beecology Project. There is lots of great information on this site that Dr. Gegear covered in his presentation. Once the recording of the lecture is published, we will also share that!

Lastly, here is the recording of Dr. Gegear’s lecture, produced by Weston Media Center. Thank you!