Tallamy Program Nature’s Best Hope

Nearly 180 attendees joined us live for Doug Tallamy’s presentation in early December 2022. Tallamy masterfully weaved the story of insect and bird declines with a thread of hope for the future, if we all take steps to live with nature, instead of outside it. Tallamy shared tips and tricks for increasing backyard biodiversity, and also put in a plug for dark skies, leaving the leaves, and pesticide/herbicide free gardening. He also connected the dots between biodiversity and climate resilience and carbon sequestration. Below are some helpful resources:

Join the Homegrown National Park. Convert lawn to habitat.

Search for“keystone” plant species that are super-providers for insects and other wildlife. All native plants are good, but these ones are better.

This program was free and open to the public. We encourage you to share the program recording widely and spread the word! The recording can be viewed here.