Codman East and Bergen-Culver

Codman East and the Bergen-Culver land stretch from the railroad tracks to the Lincoln Public Schools as a large conservation area filled with woods, fields, ponds, and most recently, the People for Pollinators meadow.

Suggested Route

Park at the Lincoln Public Schools. The trail entrance is by the baseball diamond. Enter the field and walk towards the People for Pollinator meadow. A collaboration of local organizations has made this a haven for bees and butterflies. Take a left at the edge of the field and walk in the woods. Take a right before MacKintosh Lane and then bear right to stay on the main trail. The next trail junction is at the corner of Farm Meadow. Take a right to do a loop around one of Lincoln’s vernal pools. Walk back along the edge of Farm Meadow and return to the Lincoln Public Schools via the same route. Alternatively, you can walk all the way around Farm Meadow and take the trail that crosses MacKintosh Lane back to the parking lot. Either route is approximately 2.5 miles.

Parking: Ample


These trails connect with Codman North and South.
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