Codman North/East

Codman is a large area of conservation land with hayfields, pastures, forests, and wetlands as well as the historic Codman House and Codman Farm. The Codman Family owned the property from 1790 until 1968 when Dorothy Codman willed her mansion and surrounding land to Historic New England and 25 acres of forest to LLCT. The remainder of the estate was left in trust for the benefit of Lincoln. Codman Trust now supports many conservation (and other) projects in town. The former estate now includes land on both sides of Codman Road, the Lincoln Woods affordable housing complex, and the Mall at Lincoln Station. RLF purchased additional land from the estate in the early 1970s to help develop Lincoln’s commercial center.

Suggested Route

Park at the Mall at Lincoln Station, at the end of the commuter lot. Walk the dirt road that parallels the railroad tracks and come to Farm Meadow. Once you reach the woods, take a left to explore the Codman Estate. You will cross over the railroad tracks on Codman Bridge and walk through a lovely Hemlock Grove. Take a left as you near Route 126 and cross over Codman Road. Take the trail through the fields and woods and cross Codman Road again at the Codman Estate entrance. The trail takes you back to the railroad bridge and Farm Meadow.

A loop through Codman Estate is approximately 2 miles.


Parking is available at the Mall at Lincoln Station.

Parking: Ample


A hub in the center of South Lincoln, Codman connects to Mount Misery, Baker Bridge Fields, Flint’s Pond, and the Bergen Culver and Lincoln Public School land.
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