Pierce Park

Pierce Park is an open space complex located in the center of Lincoln, with 30 acres of lawns, forests, and two ponds. The park is a popular spot for picnics and the house and grounds are frequently used for weddings and other celebrations. In 1907, John Pierce bequeathed his farm and house to the Town of Lincoln, and the Town officially acquired the estate in 1964.

Donaldson and Chapin fields are part of the Lincoln Fields project, a collaborative effort spearheaded by LLCT, RLF, and the Lincoln Conservation Commission.

Pierce Park is made up of Pierce Hill, Smith-Andover Field, Town Offices, Donaldson Field, and Chapin Field.

Suggested Routes

Behind Town Offices are playing fields managed by the Town Parks and Recreation Department.

Chapin Field can be accessed from Sandy Pond Road.

Donaldson Field: A trail from Pierce Park on Weston Road crosses through the field and connects to to Trapelo Road.

Smith Andover Field: A trail from Lincoln Road/Old Town Hall crosses the field and meets Sandy Pond Road.

Pierce Hill: From the Pierce Park trail, cross Beaver Pond Road and complete the half mile loop around the hill.


Parking is available in the lot behind Pierce House and at Town Offices. There is no parking on Lincoln or Weston Roads, or along the Pierce House driveway.

Parking: Ample

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  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Birding
  • Wildlife Viewing