Silver Hill Bog / Browning Fields / Pigeon Hill / Cannon-Holden Fields

These conservation areas southeast of Lincoln Center are filled with upland pastures, open water, areas of bog, and forested wetlands. Silver Hill Bog was one of LLCT’s first land acquisitions.

Browning Fields are well known in town as bobolink nesting grounds, a threatened bird species in Massachusetts.

Pigeon Hill was once home to a flock of passenger pigeons. Acquisition of Browning Fields and Pigeon Hill is a result of decades of negotiations and support from owners, neighbors, the Conservation Commission, LLCT, and matching funds from state and federal government.

As part of the Lincoln Fields project, the Cannon-Holden Field was preserved thanks to landowner generosity and donations from private donors.

Suggested Route

Park at the Riding Ring and follow the trail, keeping Browning Fields on your right. Take the first left to climb Pigeon Hill. Then take your next left to head towards Chapman Pasture and Silver Hill Bog. (A right will take you to Conant Road or back to the Riding Ring). Take the second right to walk along the west side of Chapman Pasture and from there, enter the bog. The trail exits on Silver Hill Road. Across the street is the entrance to the Cannon-Holden Field trail. Enter here and take your first left to walk through the field. The trail parallels Weston Road and ends near the Riding Rink. This entire loop, through Browning Fields, Pigeon Hill, Silver Hill Bog, and Cannon-Holden Field is approximately 2 miles.


Park by the riding ring at the north end of Browning Field on Weston Road.

Parking: Ample


Horses are prohibited on the bog trails during wet conditions. Please close all pasture gates behind you. Dogs are not permitted in pastures, even if leashed. Trails connect Silver Hill Bog, the Cannon-Holden Field, Pigeon Hill, and Browning Fields, and from there, the Beaver Pond trails.
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