Celebrate No Mow May!

Celebrate “No Mow May” in Lincoln this year!

Did you know that 2% of the U.S. is covered in lawn? That’s 40 million acres! And that’s a problem because lawns are not habitat. They don’t provide good food or shelter to wildlife. Habitat loss is one of the many causes of pollinator decline.

Join in “No Mow May” and commit to letting the flowers bloom in your lawn this month. Studies show that unmown lawns host a greater diversity of bumblebees and have an overall higher abundance of pollinator visitors.

Take the next step and mow less frequently throughout the summer. Plants such as Self Heal, Violets, Clover, and Wild Strawberry bloom low and add color, beauty, and ecological value to a lawn.

Best of all, consider replacing some or all of the lawn with native plants. Native groundcovers, once established, form a beautiful and low maintenance lawn alternative. Planted areas that feature flowers that bloom throughout the season are of highest value to pollinators, as this space will provide an uninterrupted nectar supply. So don’t dust off your mower just yet! Let’s let the flowers bloom first!

Learn more about “No Mow May” here.