Healthy Soils Spring 2022 Program Recordings

Spring 2022 launched with a great series all about healthy soils and the important role they play in sequestering carbon and supporting resilient ecosystems. Codman Community Farms, Mothers Out Front Lincoln, and LLCT collaboratively planned and hosted these events.

On February 15th, Kiss the Ground was screened via Zoom, followed by an expert speaker panel: Jess Myles, Moderator, Codman Community Farms Ryland Engelhart, co-Found of Kiss the Ground Mohammed Hannan, owner of Hannan Agro Farms Rachel Neurath, PhD Soil Microbial Ecologist Pete Lowy, Manager of Codman Community Farms. Participants left the program feeling hopeful and empowered about climate change and our future.

The recording of the expert speaker panel is available online:

On March 8th, the series continued with a virtual lecture by Rachel Neurath, PhD whose talk entitled “Uncovering Soil: The World Beneath Our Feet” riveted the audience! Rachel spoke about soil structure and health, and gave examples of how local farms and backyards can cultivate healthy soils. With a focus on climate change, Rachel compared the carbon-holding capacity of healthy and unhealthy soils to demonstrate the important role soil microbes and plant roots play with regards to carbon storage in the soil.

The recording of her presentation is available here: