May 2020 Birding Videos

We’re thrilled to continue offering digital birding content this spring in lieu of our regular birding walks.

Join LLCT volunteer Patti Cable out at Chapman Pasture in late May to hear about LLCT’s nest box monitoring program. See Eastern Bluebirds and Tree Swallows  and join as as we peek into a few nests! This is Patti’s second year volunteering for LLCT, previously she was a box monitor at Drumlin Farm. Please note that only box monitors should approach or open boxes, please enjoy the birds from a distance! Special thanks to the 1st grade girl scout troop for building four new boxes this past winter.


Join LLCT Trustee Gwyn Loud at her bird feeders in mid-May 2020 to see some of the birds who are spending the summer in Lincoln, including rose-breasted grosbeaks and eastern bluebirds. As Gwyn notes in the video, mornings in May are “magical”!