Welcome Sara, LLCT’s New Stewardship Director

At the beginning of May, LLCT welcomed Sara Lupkas to our team. As Stewardship Director, Sara will be advancing LLCT’s stewardship goals in close collaboration with Stewardship Coordinator Jane Layton. Sara will be taking the lead on many new and exciting stewardship projects, including a trail app (coming soon!), and an expanded stewardship volunteer program. Together, Sara and Jane will continue to coordinate annual monitoring of conservation restrictions, create baseline inventories for newly acquired conservation land, and  advance land management goals including invasive species removal. Sara will also be focused on LLCT’s Pollinator Corridor Initiative and the habitat enhancements that are planned for several conservation properties.

Sara moved to Lincoln with her family 2 years ago. She’s spent much of her career in the nonprofit sector, where she has worked in both fundraising and land conservation. A native of eastern Long Island, NY, Sara attended Smith College in Western Massachusetts. An avid trail runner and gardener, the trails and rural character of Lincoln were what initially drew Sara and her family to settle here. In addition to land preservation, Sara’s passions are for food justice and helping communities develop stronger trail recreation opportunities and community gardens. In her spare time, Sara enjoys baking and getting outside with her husband and children, who are in first and eighth grades at the Lincoln Public School.