Plant Kits and Pollinator Resources

The Lincoln Land Conservation Trust, as a benefit to its members, is providing the opportunity to purchase Plant Kits of highly curated, native plants at wholesale prices this spring and summer. Not a member? Join today! These kits not only source hard to find native plants, including shrubs, grasses, and perennials, they also contain a mix to ensure plants that bloom from spring through the fall.

Before you start planting, there are some steps to take now to make sure your property will be an ideal habitat:

  • Stop all pesticide use
  • Reduce your mowing frequency and dedicate less area to lawn
  • Dedicate less area to lawn and more to native flowering plants
  • Allow lawn “weeds” like dandelion to grow – they  are an important food source for bumblebees. Lawn alternatives like native ground covers are a great choice!
  • Avoid cultivars! Many produce beautiful flowers but poor quality pollen or nectar
  • Continue to manage and remove invasive species
  • If you had a landscape company managing your property, discuss your objectives with them to make sure they will not apply anything without your knowledge and consent.

Guide to Creating a Pollinator Friendly Space (PDF)


Spring and Summer Plant Kits

Due to plant availability, we are offering two kits. The Spring kit will be picked up on May 2nd, and the summer kit is available on July 11th. Both pick up days are from 9-12 at the PFP Meadow. Combined, these kits offer a great start to an amazing pollinator space. If you don’t have space for a whole kit, all plants can be ordered “a la carte” so you can also pick and choose what to get.

Orders are open through March 6th. Shop online, or return a paper order form. Please note that we have added a $5 delivery fee onto the order process to help defray the costs of plant delivery. There’s still a lot of great savings to be had! Additionally, although you will need to fill out a billing address when ordering online, you will not be asked to provide a credit card. You will receive a confirmation email with your order and we will follow up with reminders before pick up.

Here’s what’s in the kits!          Contents of Plant Kits with Descriptions of Each Plant (PDF)

Want to order a kit online?      Use our Online Shop  (Orders Closed March 6, 2020)

Want to order a kit offline?      Use a Paper Order Form



Check out Dr. Gegear’s information about native bees and plant families that support a functional diversity of native bees. 

Visit the Native Plant Trust’s website for resources on choosing the right native plant for the right location. Use their searchable plant database to find straight species’ (not cultivars) that flourish in a variety of eco-types. Refine your search by sun exposure, desired soil conditions, attractiveness to wildlife, and more. Additionally-here’s a list of native ground covers that can make great lawn alternatives. Dr. Gegear also strongly encourages adding Prunella (self heal) in lawns for its value to native pollinators.