National Pollinator Month-June 2019

June is National Pollinator Month.

Pollinators sustain our ecosystems and help plants reproduce. Although small in size, they play a huge and important role! As we see biodiversity and abundance of native bees (and other pollinators) decreasing, what can we do to help?

  1. Stay tuned for upcoming events and opportunities at the People for Pollinators Meadow.
  2. Plant native, pollinator-friendly plants. There’s a lot of plants to choose from! Check out the Beecology Project, which is researching native bees in Massachusetts. Beecology makes recommendations for plants that provide pollen and nectar to a diversity of bees. Some great choices that benefit bees and pollinators include Asters, Milkweeds, Carolina rose, Willow, Low-Bush Blueberry, and Bee Balm.
  3. Avoid Pesticides. Choose products that are proven to not cause harm to bees and other pollinators.