September 2020 Wildlife Column: Flora and Fauna

Written by Gwyn Loud for the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust. She welcomes your sightings and questions at 781-259-8690 or The official start of the new season will come on September 22, the autumnal equinox, but fall is already in the air, signaled by earlier sunsets and cooler nights. According to the US Drought Monitor, … Read more

August 2020 Bumblebee Identification Resources

Bombus: The Bumblebees of Lincoln Virtual Bee ID Program filmed by The Natural World Summer 2020 We are pleased to present a Bumblebee Identification Video as a virtual program. Have you been seeing a lot of bees this summer? As part of LLCT’s Pollinator Action Plan, we’re challenging ourselves and the community to think about functional diversity as well … Read more

Highlights from the 2020 Nest Box Monitoring Program

In mid-August, LLCT wrapped up a successful season of nest box monitoring. Nest boxes provide important shelter for cavity nesting birds, and LLCT’s program particularly focuses on supporting Eastern Bluebirds and Tree Swallows. By narrowing our focus to these two species of birds, we can build suitable nest boxes and locate the boxes in appropriate … Read more

Recording of August 11, 2020 Monarch Program

LLCT held a fantastic program all about Monarch Butterflies on August 11th via Zoom. Although our original speaker, Kristin Steinmetz, had a last minute cancellation, she was able to line up a wonderful alternative speaker, Dr. Martha Gach. Martha is the Education Manager at Mass Audubon’s Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary and Conservation Center. She … Read more

Pollinator Video July 2020

Enjoy this short video exploring the LLCT Pollinator Meadow in July 2020 In order of appearance, you will see a Great Golden Digger Wasp and Great Black Digger Wasp. Digger wasps are ground nesters that are often seen nectaring on (and pollinating) flowers. Female wasps also hunt other insects. In the video, these wasps are … Read more

Summer Buzzing: July 2020 Wildlife Column

Written by Gwyn Loud for the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust. She welcomes your sightings and questions at 781-259-8690 or June brought us about half the average rainfall for the month. Then a brief but severe thunderstorm blew through on July 2, with torrents of rain and wild winds in a microburst, bringing down power lines … Read more

June 2020 Wildlife Column: Summer Around the Corner

Written by Gwyn Loud for the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust. She welcomes your sightings and questions at 781-259-8690 or Summer arrives officially on June 20, the solstice, but we have already had a taste of the new season with hot days in the 80s at the end of May. These were followed, however, by … Read more

Welcome Summer Intern Ella

In early June, LLCT welcomed a summer intern, Ella Houlihan, to our team. Ella is a resident of Sudbury and is a rising senior at Middlebury College majoring in Neuroscience with minors in Architecture and Spanish. This summer Ella will be helping LLCT and the Town maintain our incredible trail network. With more than 80 … Read more

Welcome Sara, LLCT’s New Stewardship Director

At the beginning of May, LLCT welcomed Sara Lupkas to our team. As Stewardship Director, Sara will be advancing LLCT’s stewardship goals in close collaboration with Stewardship Coordinator Jane Layton. Sara will be taking the lead on many new and exciting stewardship projects, including a trail app (coming soon!), and an expanded stewardship volunteer program. … Read more

May 2020 Birding Videos

We’re thrilled to continue offering digital birding content this spring in lieu of our regular birding walks. Join LLCT volunteer Patti Cable out at Chapman Pasture in late May to hear about LLCT’s nest box monitoring program. See Eastern Bluebirds and Tree Swallows  and join as as we peek into a few nests! This is … Read more