New Land Acquisition Campaign: Twin Pond Conservation Project

Join RLF and Neighbors to Save this Critical Trail Connection and Wildlife Corridor

Read more about this project here.

The Rural Land Foundation (RLF) has the opportunity to acquire two parcels for permanent conservation with a combined 7.8 acres of forested land, pond frontage, and wetland habitat.

The protection of these parcels would preserve an important at-risk trail connecting the Twin Pond Lane neighborhood and the adjacent Stony Brook South and Beaver Pond Conservation Areas.

By conserving this land, a critical wildlife corridor will be strengthened and important pond edge and wetland habitats will gain additional protection. Additionally, a scenic buffer between Twin Pond Lane, Tower Road, and existing conservation trails will be maintained. Preservation of this land will also enhance watershed protection for the Cambridge Reservoir. Both parcels are identified as land of conservation interest on the 2017 Town of Lincoln Open Space and Recreation Plan.

If this land is not protected, it will likely be developed and the trail will be eliminated. Pledge today to support the Twin Pond Conservation Project. Pledges are needed by May 14th, 2021 and can be made over a period of three years. Donations are tax deductible and can be made by marketable securities. Pledge forms can be printed and mailed back to RLF, P.O. Box 10, Lincoln, MA. Alternatively, pledge forms can be returned via email to 

Additionally, vote YES to the CPA request to support this project at Lincoln’s Town Meeting on May 15th.