Photo by Matt Burne

Adams Property Conservation Project

In Thoreau’s Woods and Yours

Adams, Granville Road: A Prime Parcel & Public Trail for Preservation

Thank you to neighbors and conservation friends! With the generosity of more than 30 neighbors and funds from the RLF, LLCT, Community Preservation Act, Walden Woods Project, and Ogden Codman Trust, we are moving forward with the purchase of the property and expect to close at the end of April.

About the Project

Two properties totaling 13.8 acres lie in the heart of Thoreau’s Walden Woods: one 10 acre parcel has already been conserved, and the second 3.7 acres is now being offered by Doug and Trish Adams at significantly below the appraised value.

The proposed conservation area lies between Baker Farm Road and Granville Road. A frequented walking trail provides an extensive connection among the Flint’s Pond, East Codman, Baker Bridge, Pine Hill, and Walden Pond  areas. A corridor for wildlife, such as pileated woodpeckers, red foxes and mink, extends from Adams Woods and the Baker Bridge Fields to the Flint’s Pond conservation land. Undeveloped upland forest, an open field, and wetlands abut a spring-fed pond and grove of beech trees visited regularly by Henry David Thoreau.

This acquisition opportunity presents a favorable and urgent moment to save an existing trail and undeveloped land. Inaction will result in the trail license being revoked and the land will very likely be developed. Together, we can conserve, preserve, and protect this land in Thoreau’s woods and yours.


 This acreage is…

  • Designated in the Town of Lincoln Open Space Plan (2017) as “Land of Conservation Interest.”
  • Critical to permanently protecting a public trail (license set to be revoked), which provides connection from the end of Granville Road through the Baker Bridge Fields to Baker Farm Road, Pine Hill, and Walden Pond areas.
  • Connected to Walden Woods Project conservation land and Town of Lincoln conservation lands, and is adjacent to the popular Bay Circuit Trail.
  • Undeveloped upland forest, open field, and wetlands that is part of a larger wildlife corridor that extends from Adams Woods and the Baker Bridge Fields to the Flint’s Pond conservation land.


Funding Plan (3.7 acres)

Appraised Value $770,000
Adams Contribution $290,000
RLF/LLCT $100,000
The Walden Woods Project $80,000
Town Conservation Funds/CPA $50,000
The Ogden Codman Trust $50,000
Neighborhood Fundraising Goal $200,000
Pledges to date $100,000


Make Your Pledge (click here to download the pledge form)

Today we seek the final $100,000! We hope that you will make a generous gift. As with all acquisitions of open space, we have a moment in time to preserve this prime parcel and public trail. To help, please download and complete the pledge form and return it to the RLF. Your gift will be tax deductible and can be made in the form of a check or marketable securities. If you have questions, please contact Geoff McGean, RLF and LLCT Executive Director, at:  781-259-9250 or

Payment of pledges shall be made once the RLF exercises its option with respect to the property interests that comprise the Adams Property Conservation Project.

Download the Informational Brochure here.